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We offer companies, tourism entities and events the opportunity to create their OWN custom GAMES to be published on the Fortnite platform. Reach your audience in a completely new way and reach YOUR next level.

What is it ? 


01. Analysis, ideation and proposal

Working closely with you, we define campaign objectives, explore trends and generate creative ideas. The proposals, illustrated by visual concepts, are then presented to decide on the direction to take.

turnkey service

02. Design and development

At this stage, we work on the development of your game and the creation of customized 3D models. The customer plays a key role in development. Your involvement through iterative cycles is essential to designing a product that meets your expectations. 

03. Marketing campaign

Nexart takes care of the marketing and promotional strategy surrounding the game, such as proposing contests or retention concepts, working strategically with streamers, creating visuals and promoting the game in Fortnite.

04Launching the game

In the final phase, we ensure the quality of the game through thorough pre-launch testing. We then develop a strategy to maximize visibility and engagement with the target audience.

05. After-launch support

The management service remains active after the launch of the game. Seasonal modification proposals are also made by our team to keep your game active and up to date. 

Recent work

quÉbec - frostfall

Quebec Frostfall is a game featuring Quebec City's famous Château Frontenac. It's a two-team game, where the first team to reach 1000 points wins. The aim of the game is to capture the various territories and eliminate opposing players in order to score points.

12v12 - domination

coming soon...


Let's work


Let's work


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